Fresh Air & Pranayama
Just as fire is fed by fresh air, agni is kindled when we breathe deeply and relax our bodies. This might be something as simple as going for a walk or a hike in nature. Or, if you’re open to a more specific practice, consider refreshing the deep tissues with a few minutes of pranayama (yogic breathing exercises). Dr. Vasant Lad teaches a well rounded, agni kindling series in his Pranayama for Self-Healing DVD. If you are fairly clear about which dosha(s) need the most support in your system, try:
Nadi Shodhana for vata imbalances.
Sheetali for pitta imbalances.
Bhastrika for kapha imbalances.
If you are not sure which doshas are affecting your agni, our resource on the Four Varieties of Agni helps to sort out the different types of imbalances and offers practical recommendations (including specific pranayamas) for each one.

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